21 August 2015

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 21

Finally, the process for this legion draws to a finale!  Here is the archer element:

This pic is after sprinkling sand and talus over the base, and a mix of earth and green flock has been, quite literally, dumped over the base.  After it has been allowed to dry, a day or more, this is the result:

Not too green, which is good.  It looks like I missed a spot or two, but I will add a few pieces of coarse flock to help hide them.

And now, the final product:

A few small chunks of coarse flock finished the element.  Next time, I will watch the talus placement a bit more closely, as several pieces seem to have landed on edge, which looks a bit odd.  

And now, for a group pic of my small but growing Tsolyáni army:

Very blue (my lovely wife has taken to calling them the blueberry squad!), but that is typical of Tsolyáni armies I believe.  The next elements will be a little different, as the reptilian Shén have black scales along with their blue armor.



  1. Awesome job on these little units!

  2. Excellent work!
    btw remind me what rules you intend to use with them

  3. Fantastic paint job ! Love your army picture !

  4. Thank you Alan and Mario!

    I have yet to completely decide on a set of rules, but some of the contenders are good ol' HoTT (slightly modified for the base depth difference), Chipco's Fantasy Rules!, and Mayhem from Bombshell Games.