11 August 2015

Huaxtecs, part 3

And... a small amount of progress on the Huaxtecs:

I am slowly working on more small details - hair color options will be first.  I am going with a variety of colors, as the Huaxtecs are reputed to have dyed their hair.  Next will be weapons.

To help with the hair colors, and hopefully tattoos also, I found some of this:

The local art store had a few jars of these inks, and having read of their use at Big Lee's blog, I'll give them a whirl.



  1. Progress is good! Are those Foundry figures?

  2. Thanks!

    These miniatures are from a small company known as Lucid Eye. Northstar made them for a while then the sculptor, Steve Saleh, went independent.

  3. They look great already. Nice work!