11 May 2016

15mm pikes

As the Testudo 30YW pikemen did not come with pikes, I had to find a supply of weapons for the figures.  So, I turned to an old method of mine, by using plastic rod for the pikes.

Way back on this post on my blog, one can see how I used the same technique to make the spears for my Tékumel figures (and some of those pics are better!)

First off, some raw material:

This package dates back to sometime in 1999...

And, some processing:

The rod is cut into 50mm lengths by just rolling the edge of the knife blade on it, then snapping the rod at the cut.

After a few minutes of cutting:

Next, the business end of the pike takes shape.  I place one end of the rod into some pliers with a flat tip, and give it a good squeeze, and then trim the flattened part to make a point.

This poor pic shows the three stages:

The point is approximately 2mm in length.  Very simple, very easy.

With a bit of super-glue, the troops have a new weapon:

The 1mm diameter rod fits in very well.  Now, to prime and paint...



  1. Excellent method. I use wire, but I think this looks better.


  2. Thanks, Aaron.

    As none of my plastic pikes and spears have seen the tabletop yet, wire might be the better option as far as resilience goes.

  3. I wonder if heating the pliers might help.

  4. Hi Mark,

    With the thin rod that I use for these pikes, heating is not necessary. Now, with the relatively thick rod that I use with the pikes for my Shén, heating might be a good idea.