19 May 2016

SCW Republicans, part 2

Another quick pic from the table:

This is most of the first section of riflemen for my Republican forces.  The wash that I used is making it difficult to snap a good pic of them, as it is glossy.  Typically, I paint the skin first, for almost all of my figures, but here I went with the uniform first as I gave the entire figure a coat of the wash.  Skin will be painted later and given a different wash.

At first, I thought that the fellows closest to the camera were too dark, but I think that a good matte coating will change that.  The fellows in the background are all wearing monos (overalls) and look about right to my eyes.



  1. You can never tell with a gloss wash. Wait until you have finished with dullcote and see if they still look too dark to you. Looking good to me.

  2. Thanks, Jon.

    Wait and see is the phrase of the day!