18 November 2018

SCW Republicans, part 7

It has been a long time - over two years - since infantry from my Spanish Civil War project graced the pages of this blog:

This is an infantry section for the Republican army, circa 1937, as outlined in the marvelous España supplement for Chain of Command, along with a figure that will be used to represent a Medical Orderly (above and right of the center of the pic).  15 soldiers - 3 squads of 5 - and a sargento (a junior leader for CoC) make up the section.  The sargento is the fellow on the rightmost of the above pic, and he is being assembled from pieces from a Zvezda WW2 Soviet gunner sprue with a Minairons head in Adrian helmet.

Another pic of the troops:

None of the figures are complete, although some just need some detailing and matte overcoat.

A better pic of the two special figures:

The Medical Orderly is a Minairons infantryman that will be modified with a new right hand, courtesy of the Zvezda sprue, and a satchel.  The sargento has already been glued down to the base, and a hole has been drilled for the new head.  A little more glue and he will be assembled...

A really simple conversion made easy by the nice individual parts of the Zvezda sprue, and the Minairons head selection that is available separately.  The figure is a bit different than the standard infantry from Minairons - a bit more stocky, different boots, a more delicate rifle, etc.  The kneeling position, however, hides the extra 'pounds' on the figure and if anything will make it stand out a bit more than his troops.

There are a total of three sections in a Republican platoon for CoC, so 2 more will need to be made!


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