06 January 2019

Painting table, January 2019

Well, back at it.  'Real Life' has conspired against me recently, but I believe that things are looking up now...

Here's a pic of the table as it stands currently:

Hmmm.  Lots of the same ol' stuff, but some new items are present as well.  First, the whole arrangement is different.  The table is bigger now, with shelving behind for a bit more storage, and I have brought out my old tablet (upper left corner) for the hobby area.

Project-wise, there is a lot going on as usual (I am going to continue the 'broad-front' advance with regards to project progress 😀 ).  

From the left: 
     The next unit of Scots is almost ready for basing; 

     The Vikings are not done and probably will be set aside as I am not quite so enthused for them at the moment; 

     The next Huaxtec unit is getting close to basing as well; 

     The first few Trojan War figures are about half-way there, with two major new arrivals for the Trojan War effort on the right - an order from Newline and, finally after 12 weeks, my order from Redoubt arrived yesterday!  More on these with the next post;

     In the center is an old project that I am going to work on this year - Horse & Musket.  The cannon are from Fife & Drum, and the musketeers are Savoia from Crann Tara's War of Austrian Succession line.  I am still sorting the details - like basing, hence the notebook with figures and scribblings on it - and whether or not to go for the WAS or just use the Savoia as SYW Russians.  The only stumbling block for WAS at the moment, and I do mean the Southern theatre, is the availability of flags.  French, Spanish, and Austrian flags should not be a problem, but Savoia and Modena could be an issue.  



  1. New year; new motivation. That's good!

    1. Thanks, Jon! It also helps that I am figuring out how to get back to the painting table again - a habit to form...

  2. Wow, that's a great set up you've got there! Worth stealing some of your storage / space saving / handy method ideas, I think.

    Hope it's a good year for you all round, starting with the painting front!


  3. Looking forward to all your 2019 projects, Greg; particularly the Trojan War one - I'm surprised it took 12 weeks for your Redoubt order.

    1. Thanks, Dean.

      Yes, a big surprise from Redoubt. The Redoubt miniature lines are under new ownership, and it appears that he bit off more than he could chew. I am hoping that the issue has now passed, as I want some figures from that range.

  4. You amaze me Greg how you can be working on so many different projects at the same time. I have always been the "don't start something new 'til you finish what's on the table!" Maybe that's why I get so many creativity blocks.
    I will echo Dean, I am looking forward to the finished Trojan War figs!

    1. Thank you, Vol. Sometimes I wish that I could focus more on a single project and make some real progress!