20 January 2019


Activities are at a stand-still here at my hobby table as of late, due to 'Real Life' getting in the way, but it is for the good of all involved.  Way back last April, my oldest grandson moved in with me as he prepared to take college classes.  To make a long story short, he is heading back to live with his parents in Montana.  Although he will be missed, this is the best solution for everybody, as he will be much happier back with family (even his sisters) and I will have the other half of my small apartment back.

This sudden and not quite expected change in my household has brought painting to a full stop, but is also fueling my ideas for re-arranging my hobby space.  One issue that I have been facing of late has been my approach to plastic figures and models.  I have yet to find a brush-on primer that works well for them, and I have many boxes of plastic figures waiting for assembly and painting because of this.  So, as my budget allows, I intend to purchase an airbrush and all of the accoutrements to get these figures out.  This will also help speed up priming and overcoating all figures.

The next issue that needs to be addressed is a gaming table.  With the front room becoming available once again, I think that I will be able to fit a table in there that will be much larger than my current space - a dining table that is not quite a square meter (34" square).  This alone might inspire me more to get figures painted than anything else.

And I have not forgotten my recent Trojan War purchases - pics will be taken once the next batch - a holiday deal order from Foundry - arrives, hopefully soon!



  1. I look forward to seeing what happens next..

  2. Sounds like you'll have more time (and space) for the hobby again, Greg. As far as priming plastics, I find most any spray cans work well enough. I alternate between flat white or black, but recently picked up a can of Krylon Gray which not only coats well, but also works well for certain base colors. I've also brushed on watered down black acrylic over the gray too. Best wishes for your projects!

    1. More space and time, definitely! My grandson worked nights, so my hobby table was off-limits when he was sleeping as it was in the same room.

      Spray cans are out for me personally as I do not have a good place to use them.