13 October 2019

Painting table, October 2019

It has been a while, yes?  It is time to march along again.  Here is the current situation:

I am not sure if it is much different from the previous pic, but it is a start, or maybe restart.



  1. Good to get going again. I like the Pike base on your shelf, but noticed most stuff on the table is going onto single basing.

  2. Great to have you posting once more. The painting table looks full of interesting figures across time and space. Tell us a little more of the projects they are for...

  3. Thank you for the comments!

    Norm, I have a mix of single and element based projects on the go right now.

    From the left - Huaxtecs (element-basing); WAS French and Indian Mutiny mutineers for my old Half-Continent imaginations project; 14th-century Scots (element); Infinity sci-fi; Victrix and Footsore Norse (single); Conqueror Dwarves; Old Glory orcs; and the unpainted figures in the foreground are Foundry and Redoubt Trojan War (basing undecided!).