10 April 2022

Let's try again

 Yes, it seems that my keyboard does work...

It has been a struggle to keep up with the plethora of social media these days, and blogs can be left behind in the process.  But, there is something enticing about blogs yet, and I am going to try once again to commit to a habit of posting.

I am reasonably certain that my audience here is not very interested in my return to 'the Games Workshop hobby' (sic 😅 ) so I will not clutter this place with that.  I have found an outlet for my GW stuff - Reddit.  Surprising with its callous at best attitude, I have found that many hobby subReddits are remarkably free of drama.  So, those pics will remain there.

Bringing me back to this blog are many other projects, including one that has been in the back of my mind for some time.  With this fine post on his blog, Prufrock outlines his plan for the upcoming Society of Ancients 2023 Battle Day - 2nd Mantinea, fought between Sparta and Thebes.  These fellows have been waiting in my Pile of Possibilities for some time:

Now, the Persians are going to have to watch this battle from the sidelines, but the Greeks and especially the Spartans are right on target.  And Xyston figures are wonderful.

With the issue of figures, scenario, and a deadline solved, the next hurdle is a set of rules.



  1. Very nice! Will look forward to seeing you work on this and am very keen on watching how the plastic figures go. Hope it all goes well!

  2. Good to know you're still in the game, so to speak! Looking forward to seeing those 15mm Ancients on the blog.

  3. Good to have you blogging once more, l look forward to seeing where it goes…

  4. Looking forward to the Spartans and Thebans,sounds like great fun!
    Best Iain