25 May 2007

Enfilade 2007

Today is the start of Enfilade this year. Enfilade is one of the best miniature conventions around, and we are not going to be there this year.

Although we made this decision months ago, it is still sad to not be able to attend.

The money it took for the three of us to attend last year is being used for needed items around the home, and miniatures of course.

Hopefully, somebody there will post pics that are not locked up within a Yahoogroup, and I'll cross-link to them here.



  1. I know that it isn't any consolation, but I won't be able to attend either. We are still getting moved into our new home and most stuff (including all of my gaming materials) is in boxes.

    And, while I agree with my wife that everything else is to get done before I get to start on my game room, it isn't easy.

    -- Jeff

  2. Priorities, of course...

    Glad to see that you are starting to get settled in, Jeff.

    Maybe Enfilade next year!