02 May 2007


My first Tekumel miniatures have arrived!

Fresh out of the box. They were well-packaged (note the bubble-wrap), and in labeled bags.

Here is the First Legion of Ever-Present Glory, showing all of the troops but only some of the shields and plumage. All of the rank-and-file troops have shields.

These are the command figures, along with one of the spearman poses.

Close-ups of the minis... note the lack of flash. There are some mild mold lines and mold vents. The bottom of the bases are rather flat also, which is a very good thing!

The three different spear poses, with the one of the left being female.

And, two close-ups of the Legion of Serqu. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to the fancy spearhead and shield that comes with each Serqu trooper, they also have a sword and a mace.

Wow, I'm impressed! I promise more pictures later, but now I need to try and dig up bases for these minis and get to work!


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