09 December 2007

Empire Outriders, part 1

In the Empire army, there are two types of firearm-equipped light cavalry - Pistoliers and Outriders. There are several differences: Outriders are more heavily armed; Outriders are more experienced (game-wise), with an improved chance to hit with ranged weapons; Outriders are more expensive points-wise; and, Pistoliers are actually more colorful, as they are wearing slashed-and-puffed tunics (as shown on the box front above).

Here are some photos of the box contents:

Front and back of the main troops sprue. There are two of these in the box.

The leader/musician sprue.

Lots of pieces of plastic in this box! There are a lot of separate weapons and head variants (twelve different heads for 5 figures). There are a few nice accessories - ammo pouches, blanket rolls, and some bottles, but not so many as the handgunners set.

I had originally thought to make both of my fast cavalry units as Outriders, but now I am not certain. The Pistoliers would be a bit more colorful, so I might make one unit of each.



  1. Hmmm, a few years back when I was building my Empire army, there were just Pistoleers (no Outriders). Sounds like GW re-worked things again.

    Also didn't have any of those "gatling guns" that appear on the sprues . . . *sigh*.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I'm not certain when the outriders were introduced, GW snuck them in recently...

    Only Outriders or the leader of Pistoliers can use the 'gatlings'.