07 December 2007

Still here

Howdy folks.

Yes, I am still around. Just been busy at work, and have not done too much hobby work until just recently.

I do have some pics of the start of a new project that I am planning with Taeklonn. With the coming of the new 40K Ork codex, we are working up a plan to make a huge Ork vehicle called a Stompa. This will require a lot of scratchbuilding, and I am actually looking forward to it!

The Empire force is not being ignored - I put a little paint on the first handgunner unit, and have started to assemble the first Outrider unit. I'm thinking that I should start assembling the Empire minis with more rapidity. Although it is a horrible thought, I might start playing with them before they are completely painted.

My Tekumel troops are patiently waiting on the table also. After much thought I have decided to go ahead and make my Tekumel Project centered around mass battles. I think that I will have some minis left over from the units to do a special skirmish set.

And historicals have not been forgotten. A point of contention has arisen, in that I am uncertain if I should stay with the Renaissance project or dive into the Punic Wars. Maybe I can refight the battles of the Punic Wars with Renaissance armies?


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  1. Hey Greg, thanks for swinging by my blog. That game happened ages ago.

    Still in the area?