30 December 2007

Empire Outriders, part 3

I have been able to get some work done on the Empire boys during these holidays.

Here are the first two Outriders:

I am finding that these Outriders are easy to assemble. The weapon/arm pieces do what they should without leaving obvious seams at either the shoulder or wrist. I think that the cloak helps with that somewhat. At first, I was not going to use the cloaks, but I think that (unfortunately) it is necessary without substituting left arms from another source. The left arm is integral to the cloak for the 'gatling' firearm of the Outriders. Also, the cloaks will help cover up the poorly designed rump of the mounts!

Here are some close-ups:

Along with the cloaks, my Outriders will differ from the Pistolier unit in a number of ways. The Outriders for my army will be the more experienced unit, composed of older troopers - Outriders have beards while the Pistoliers will be clean-shaven. The Pistoliers will have plumes on their helms, while the Outriders do not. And the Pistoliers will have the slashed/puffed tunics.

I am still working on the leader and musician for this unit. I have a couple of simple conversions planned, just to make them look a bit different. Pics will be loaded up when they are done.


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