11 June 2011

Another distraction - MAATAC

The recent announcement of five (yes five!) new vehicles for the venerable MAATAC miniatures line from Monday Knight Productions (see this link) got me to digging into my boxes of old gaming stuff, and, indeed, I do have some dusty, old, half-forgotten MAATAC minis. First up, Terrans:

This is the Conqueror class Medium war machine. This mini, and the entire MAATAC line, is nominally 1/300 scale, but as one can observe in the pics, they are large. The detailing is good, and this particular tank has twin turret-mounted cannons, a large bow-mounted weapon, and small turrets on the hull sides.

This is a Carnivoran Gnasher class Light war machine. Tracked, like the Terran above, with one main gun in the turret, this vehicle has a low profile.

Two views of the Carnivoran Fang class Destroyer. Low and wide, with an abundance of hull-mounted weapons (no turret) - if I remember the original MAATAC rules correctly these are torpedo (missile) launchers. Nice detailing, if you can get by the mold lines that I forgot to remove many years ago!

An Entomolian Fire Ant class Light war machine. High profile, with legs instead of tracks. Lots of hull and turret detail on this one.

An Entomolian Black Widow class Destroyer. Again, legs instead of tracks, and a large fixed hull-mounted cannon.

The group shot:

These vehicles are big, and I do not have any of the heavy war machines! Hmmm, I thought that I did have some, and some of the robot infantry (RAATACs); more digging for me then.

I am not sure what to do with them however. I do like tanks, but I would need appropriate rules and of course many more minis, including infantry and maybe even some sort of aerial support. And, interesting terrain. I have long thought to myself that if I was to launch a micro-armour style project, it would be in a very specific environment, with desert or snowy conditions being the major contenders.



  1. Keep digging! We need to see the rest of these bad boys if you got 'em. :)

    Although I have a ton of the starship models for the Starfleet Wars setting, I don't have any of the MAATAC figures. I need to grab some of them, especially since they have the new releases coming out.

    As for what to do with them, they would make good proxies for some of the "smaller" OGRES (Mk I & II) or their equivalents from other nations in the OGRE/GEV setting. They also seem like they'd scale well with Battletech, especially with the later clix minis. In addition, you could use a good generic ruleset like Dirtside or Future War Commander to game with these guys.

    Or, of course, you could always use the original MAATAC rules, or the new version that MKP is releasing. Let us know what you decide.

  2. Hello DS - thanks for stopping by!

    Dirtside and FWC are good suggestions and I will check them out. Hopefully I can find my original copy of MAATAC!