25 June 2011

Tékumel priests, part 1

So, I have some Tsolyánu troops painted up, but no Tékumel force is complete without priests.  For quite a while, I did not have any suitable miniatures for priests/priestesses, but Chirine came to my rescue with a package of wonderful old minis.  Among these minis were some priests/priestesses:

From the left:  Hrü'ü, Vimúhla, and Dlamélish.  The priestess of Dlamélish is a Ral Partha sculpt, while the other two are from the now-defunct PHD Games.  These minis are definitely not the same size of today's '28mm' figures, but they look nice for being at least 33-year-old sculpts.  I do find the limbs, especially the feet and ankles, of the Vimúhla priest to be rather spindly!

From the left:  Avánthe and Karakán.  The priestess of Avánthe is another Ral Partha figure from the 1970's, while the priest of Karakán is another way out-of-production PHD mini.  The Karakán priest is well-proportioned for today's standards, although he has some flash.

I was a bit worried about how well these minis would fit in with my selection of 'heroic 28mm' minis, so I drafted one of my Ever Present Glory minis for a comparison:

With the old minis posed on my usual fender washer bases, I do not see anything to be worried about, at least with the priests of Vimúhla and Karakán.



  1. Some of those old figures are quite nice. I wish I could provide modern alternates but everything takes so long! With time maybe...


  2. @ El Grego: Agreed about those thin ankles! The original Old Guard version was done in a very soft alloy, and I have lots of broken ones lying around. The harder alloy PHD used pretty much fixed the problem, though.

    @ phf: We're patient!

    yours, Chirine