15 June 2011

The Plan

Yes, a plan would be great!

If you have seen any of my other blogs, you will know that I tend to suffer from a combination of 'project creep' and 'Oh-Shiny-itis'.  I am going to endeavor to keep these in check with the MAATAC project...

First - find and catalog what minis I have in hand.  The previous post was a great start, but a copy of the MAATAC rules and more minis should be here someplace.

Second - find and list the other minis I need.  I am certain that I do not have any infantry or air support.  Other than the RAATAC's, the MAATAC line does not have 'infantry', so I will go off searching for suitable minis from other vendors.  Same thing with aircraft.

Third - terrain.  I have no 1/285 terrain, but I have a lot of ideas!  One issue that I discussed with my lovely wife (and primary gaming partner) has been resolved - a wintry landscape will be used, hence the white basecoat on the Conquerors pictured previous.

Fourth - rules.  I am a rules hoarder from long ago, and I will need to go through and list everything that is remotely useful, as this will provide much of the foundation for the minis shopping list.

Meanwhile, I will continue to slap white paint onto the vehicles I have already found.

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