20 August 2011

Hlutrgú, part 5

The first 5 of my Hlutrgú warband are finally complete:

I tried to give a little variation in the minis by slightly bending the arms and legs.  The metal used is a bit bendy and the pose can be altered just by using hand pressure.  I used some artistic license to alter the coloration also; three of the Hlutrgú above have splotches, and one is very pale in comparison - a young Hlutrgú in my book.

Another pic, showing the basing:

I did not go with a swampy scheme although I could change that in the future.  The materials are very simple, just Woodland Scenics flock and talus for the most part.  The larger, darker rocks are crushed walnut shells, which I found at the local pet store.  My 7-lb bag will last me several lifetimes!



  1. Like them

    Want them

    No not more lead screams the floor

  2. I likey..
    I likey splotches
    I will splotch