16 August 2011

Tékumel big battles, part 1.1

One small detail that I should have noted in my previous post:

The vast majority of my Tékumel minis are mounted on 7/8" fender washers - which is unfortunately a really odd size and I kind of regret it.  Litko and others sell large bases for 1" or 20mm rounds; 7/8" is right in the middle of those two sizes.  I am not really desiring to rebase yet again but it might be the only way.



  1. Litko do custom orders as well.

  2. They do look good. I suggest dropping an email to Litko.. get an estimate. then you could flock your sabot base to match.. if it isn't too pricey.

  3. Have a look at warbases.co.uk they do a sabot base / movement tray and will cut the holes to size http://www.warbases.co.uk/#/movement-trays/4526418311

    they will also ship the top separate from the bottom if you want to put metal or magnets into the mix