24 August 2011

Tékumel priests, part 3

More slow progress:

On the left, the priest of Hrü'ü has received the first gloss protective coat.  I am still trying to sort out the reds on the priest of Vimúhla (second from left).  No major changes on the priestess of Dlamélish (second from right), and thanks to Chirine I adjusted some of the bare flesh areas of the priestess of Avanthé (far right), although I was a bit sloppy with their placement and will need to touch them up soon.


1 comment:

  1. Looks good; you might try a little red-orange on the Vimuhla Priest's plates to give them a little 'pop'; metallic trims on the plate would help too.

    The Hry'y (I'm a Chakan, and I have an accent) looks really, really nice.

    Happy to be of help, too!

    yours, Chirine

    (Word verification: "Sping", which is what happens when I cut wire spear shafts with the compound cutters and they go flying across the work room. Wear eye protection.)