24 February 2013

A little more organized

Just rambling on here - no pretty pics this time!

It is becoming more apparent to me that I really need to concentrate on just a certain few projects.  If one was to have a look-see at the collection of miniatures and models that I have, scattered amongst several rooms and boxes, one would find several unfinished projects that all seem nice but do not really fit together coherently.  So I am coming up with a list of items that need attention.

Focus - Too many projects spoil the gaming (unless you are an incredibly fast painter, there are some out there), so I need to start selling off some of the shiny stuff that I have collected over the years.  This will help fund new Tékumel stuff, and clear out some storage space that is needed.  A list of necessary Tékumel materials is needed also.  I have a lack of an opposing force for my Tsolyáni - except for the Hlutrgú for skirmishes.  And sets of rules are handy also for the actual gaming part.

So, what to do next?

I have bases on order from Litko, two rules sets that will handle the mass-battle side of games, and an inventory of Tékumel miniatures that I possess.  Then, in no set order:

1.  Sell off old stuff for space and funds for new Tékumel stuff

2.  Paint what I already have

3.  Get more Tékumel goodies - miniatures as well as books/games

4.  Settle on rules



  1. Sounds like a plan, will you be able to stick to it!

  2. Some sound plans there.
    Which rules have you gone for?

  3. Fran - that's the tricky part eh!

    Alan - looking at the newcomer MAYHEM, or the old favorite Fantasy Rules! by Chipco