02 February 2013

Ahoggyá, part 2

One of the big questions with the new Ahoggyá miniatures for Tékumel is assembly - how should I put them together?  The large variety of arms make the process fun, with just a bit of thought involved also.

The above pic shows most of the arm pieces available.  A key observation to consider when choosing the arms is the bend of the 'elbow'.  Now, with single-mounted miniatures it is not a problem, but I want to put these beasts onto element basing, and the more straight the elbow, the more space is taken on the base.  I can see that the axe arms - in the center - are fairly straight and will need careful placement.  I am also thinking of chopping off some hands ... ouch! ... from some arms and pinning them to others to get a more varied look, and to combine the armored and unarmored arms better.

Here is a pic of the business end of a pair of Ahoggyá:

You can see that the axe on the far left extends beyond the limit of the base.  It is not bad but I will need to watch for that when it comes time to assemble the elements.



  1. I'm new to this mythos really but find the creatures amazing.
    Theses will look splendid painted!

  2. Tékumel has some very intriguing life-forms!

  3. Looking forward to getting my unrmoured ones; I'm doing one with one of each arm, then mixing them randomly for that 'dishevelled' Ahoggya lok. Love your approach - very clever!!!

  4. Thanks Chirine - they are not quite done yet (with assembly that is) so hopefully they will look just as good after I'm done!

  5. These guys look really good (for Ahoggya!)