18 February 2013

Sérqu, Sword of the Empire part 3

My Sérqu miniatures have been long neglected!

Here is a pic of a couple of them with a splash of blue paint:

They are not nearly done, but this is helping me accomplish a couple of goals:  1 - keep some momentum on getting miniatures painted which will lead to getting units completed which will lead to getting in some gaming!; and 2 - keep up a posting schedule on this blog.

Also included in the pic are some more of those Ahoggyá as I try to sort out their weapon/arm situation, some brand-new paints to be used on some future projects (shhhh! top secret stuff but might be obvious), and, alas, some more miniatures that need attention.

The paints were purchased at a relatively new store (well, new to me) in Seattle - Gamma Ray Games.  It is a small but nice place - they have the full line of Privateer Press P3 paints, which I am finding to be to my liking, along with Warmachine/Hordes miniatures as well as card and board games.  They have also recently accomplished a successful Kickstarter to help fund the renovation of a nice gaming facility just a block up their street, something I did not discover until after getting home.  Since the store is an easy bus ride and stroll away, I hope to return to have another look.


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  1. Great to see! Do you need painting information, or are you well equipped? :)