19 March 2016

New arrivals

Believe it or not, things are happening here but I do not have much for pics, so here are a few:

Reinforcements for the Huaxtec, courtesy of Outpost.  Lots of warriors and archers; I'll have more pics later.

And, I received these from a give-away:

Arjun over at the blog   Cor blog me!   had a give-away for these 1/72 figures and I was the lucky recipient.  Although they are for WW2, I intend to swap out the heads for some of a more SCW style from Minairons

As I am not in a position to have my own give-away to pass the thought along, I made a small donation to a local group called Seal Sitters.  And they gave me this in return:

A nice new button for the show hat!



  1. Lucky you!!! :D I´ll be waiting to see the end results ;) Cheers!

  2. Project moving forward.remind me what rules you will use?

  3. I'm looking to start with Irregular Wars 2nd Edition for my Mesoamericans, and the SCW project is using the SCW supplement for Chain of Command.

  4. Photos of reinforcements and contest winnings are perfect to whet our appetites for what is upcoming on your painting desk.

  5. I need more hours in a day to keep up with the painting queue!