23 March 2016

Tékumel progress

Although it has been a long time since I posted something specific on my Tékumel miniatures project, I have not been idle!  Here is a quick pic:

On the right, the first element of Shén heavy infantry - the Legion of the City of Chrí - nears completion.  On the left, I have brought out the first element of medium troops representing the Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa from storage, and in the middle of the pic are the freshly-primered ladies of the Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle - slingers for my Tsolyáni force.

Slowly, but surely...



  1. Nice WIP shot; I know only what I've read on Wiki about Tekumel - but I'm surprised it hasn't made it to the silver screen in some form or fashion.

  2. Greg, what are those red-holed boxes you use to support your nails? I use small cardboard boxes to support my golf tees for painting but your boxes are nice. I wonder if a golf tee would fit the hole?

  3. Thank you, gentlemen.

    Dean, unfortunately Tékumel is not very popular, hence the lack of widespread media involvement. Who knows, maybe Bollywood will make a production of it someday!

    Jon, those boxes are the trays that hold micro-pipettor tips. I salvaged them from a former employer some two decades ago, and I wish that I had a couple more of them. Such things are still used, so if you know any lab technicians you might inquire about their use. Golf tees do fit in them, as I tried it out (and wish I had thought of that long ago!) although I have a piece of styrofoam glued inside the tray for the small diameter of the nails I use.