05 March 2016

Table, March 2016 edition

Just a quick pic of what is on the painting table at the moment:

More work on the Huaxtec, including some shields on the left; the Shén (blue chaps on the left) are getting a bit closer to completion; a few new Vallejo paints in the center background for my SCW forces; and hiding in the middle is a handful of miniatures from an old project - my Boschenburg musketeers for Monster Blood Tattoo are back in the queue along with a large 'monster'...

And I just realized that I forgot that a new arrival was not in the pic - more later!



  1. Quite a bunch of interesting projects on the painting desk today!
    Your work on the shields pop even at a distance.
    You are making good progress!

  2. Nice WIP - the shield look interesting.

  3. Looking good!! ... and a very nice and tidy looking table... mine is a disaster area...lol Cheers!

  4. It is only tidy due to my slow output...