09 January 2016

Books for the new project

Searching for and acquiring books for a potential gaming project is one of the easiest parts of the gaming process.  I can find it difficult to keep to a budget!  But, one has to start somewhere, and here is what I have found so far with regards to my 20th century project:

These are my most recent acquisitions, and should be a hint as to what direction I am heading.  With the very recent work on a fictional Abyssinian Crisis and the earlier material for the Spanish Civil War, my desire to get back into 20th century gaming has been stirred.  WW2 was the period that I first started organized gaming in, back a long time ago, but had largely been given up until just recently.  Part of this might be because of the TooFatLardies rules, Chain of Command, but part of it is my desire to play with tanks again!  

I have had this book for some time now:

Joining the above books is this one:

This book was found, quite unexpectedly, at one of the local used bookstores, Pegasus.

So, right now the tally is two books and a wealth of gaming-related material for each conflict.

I am leaning towards the SCW for a couple of reasons.  One, there is a considerable amount of gaming materials available for the period, in many scales, including the one that I would use - 1/72 or 20mm (which is a scale, along with 1/285, used by my old group in Spokane).  The vehicles of the SCW period are interesting but not overpowering, and many of them are unique to this conflict.  I also believe that it will be easier to manage 'project creep' while pursuing the SCW, where the Abyssinian Crisis could be a stepping stone towards more WW2 gaming, which I am trying to avoid.

There is much to think about yet, but the process is slowly grinding along!



  1. Beevor's book on the SCW is a good one. If you need motivation towards the SCW at small level, take a look at some of the blogs focusing on Chain of Command. Many great BatReps and discussion on moving CoC to the SCW.

    Two good places to start are:

  2. Thank you, Jon - I have added those two blogs to my reading list.

  3. For background reading I would very much recommend adding the two relevant Laurie Lee books to complement your copy of Orwell - just finished (re) reading them and they are wonderful.. oh, and Hemingway of course... :o)

  4. Thank you, Dean and Steve - I'll add those books to the growing list!

  5. SCW is a great period to game and very interesting to study as well, the Beevor book seem to be the main reference for the overall picture. Iron Ivan games to a SCW book to compliment their Seven Coffins rules, in itself it's a good reference and has quite a few decent skirmish scenarios.

    On the Web check out http://balagan.info/ which has loads of detail and a few scenarios, over at my blog I've got some painting tutorials and Scenario /AARs which you might find useful.

    I can also recommend Empress Miniatures 28mm range of Figs and Minairons (a Spanish company) who do a number of sizes.

    Good luck with your new project, I loved building up my forces and still keep adding to them.

    Regards, Ken

  6. Thanks, Ken - definitely looking at the Minairons figure line.