02 January 2016

January 2016 table

A good way to start off a new year is to take a peek at what is lurking on the hobby table:

Much of the usual suspects - Huaxtec, Scots, orcs, Shén, and the addition of a few Reptus from Reaper Miniatures that suddenly caught my eye (plus the need to clean up some of the off-camera shelves of stray packages like those bases!)  I am replacing square bases with round for just about all of my figures.  The Huaxtec are almost done, but two tasks are stalling the process - the shields need to be painted; and I am a bit reticent to test the fastness of the ink used for the tattoos when I clear-coat them.  The deed needs to be done, but I am not brave enough yet!

Here is another pic that relates back to my previous post:

A boxful of 15mm miniatures.  I need to sort these fellows out, and then they will be listed as For Sale.



  1. Looks like a very organized start to the New Year, Greg! Best wishes on the projects and sales.

  2. Organized for now at least!

    Thanks for stopping by, Dean.