23 January 2016

SCW, part 1

The first test order of 20mm Spanish civil War figures, produced by Minairons and purchased from Scale Creep, has arrived:

Simple and attractive packaging.

And a nice painting guide on the back of the box.

Here are the contents of the Infantry box (excuse the poor pics):

Two NCOs, one with a rifle and the other with a SMG, and thirteen riflemen, in a mixture of poses with no repeats throughout.  One of the riflemen (third from the right of the top row) is a two-piece casting.  He is carrying a container (ammo?) on his left shoulder with the rifle separate.  These figures are very nice, with a minimum of flash and a variety of headgear that would be expected of a Republican force.

And, the contents of the HQ/Weapons box:

Standard bearer, two officers, two LMG, one Maxim HMG with three crew, one light mortar with three crew, and the two-piece rifleman - the only repeated pose between the two packs.

Flags are also included in the HQ/Weapons box:

Marvelous flags!

Of course, just two days after placing this order, I discover that Early War Miniatures is working on a comprehensive range of figures for The Abyssinian Conflict in 20mm!  Ahhh, decisions, decisions...



  1. Cool stuff! I agree, the flags are terrific!
    Is this project geared towards Chain of Command?

  2. The flags look much better in person - the pics today are not so good.

    Chain of Command - yes sir!