30 January 2016

Huaxtecs, part 6

(Potentially NSFW!)   

It has been a busy time here, but slow progress has been made.  Here are the first two Huaxtec, complete except for basing:

I am glad to see that the ink used for the tattoos did not run during the varnish stage!

And, a view of the hobby table:

Base colors for more Huaxtec shields in the lower left, more slow progress on the Shén in the upper left, and the rest of my stuff waiting patiently...



  1. Very nice warriors, so expressive!! Nice table - so tidy, mine´s a absolute mess...!!! :) Cheers!

  2. Looking good, I remember my Aztec days!

  3. Thank you, kind sirs.

    That is just a temporary blip in the usual mess on that table!!

  4. Great work on the figures and your painting table looks too organized.