27 April 2016

30 Years War, part 1

Well, the first handful of 15mm figures from Khurasan arrived late last week.  I was a bit anxious about these, as I have not purchased 15mm figures for a long time.  But, these did not disappoint.  Here is the first pack:

This is the Rear Rank pikemen pack from Khurasan's own line of 30YW figures.  Each square in the pics above and following is ¼", making these figures on the large side of 15mm, or 18mm.  There are three different poses in the pack, and pikes are included.  Those pikes are very finely cast, and just about 2" in length overall.  Nice figures!

This is one of Khurasan's Testudo line:

Unarmored pikemen.  These are also about 18mm in height, with three different poses.  No pikes are included, however.

And, the second of the Testudo packs:

Armored pikemen.  Again, these are 18mm, with no pikes.  This pack has four poses, however - the top two ranks look very similar, but have different helmets.

I did not take a direct comparison pic!  Perhaps, I will get one after they are painted, as bare pewter is not too photogenic...

First off, I rather like both lines of figures.  Size-wise, they appear to fit in with each other well.  Style-wise, the Khurasan originals are from the earlier portions of the conflict, while the Testudo figures are later.  I do not think that I am going to follow that too much, but I have yet to find a suitable battle to provide a framework for the army compositions.  The lack of included pikes in the Testudo line is slightly more problematic.  At this stage, I think that I am going to replace the Khurasan pikes with plastic rod, so all of the pikes look similar.