14 April 2016


What happens when your lovely wife is sick and unable to get out for a week-end, you feel a bit under the weather yourself, there are plenty of miniatures to paint on or under or near your desk, and your bookshelves are full?

In true Larry Leadhead fashion, one should always plan another project!

In my defense, I have been considering this for a long time, and it might not work out at all.  But, the household CFO has given a small purchase the stamp of approval, and I am striking while the iron is hot  -  30 Years War in 15mm.

The figures, for this test order at least, will be ordered from Khurasan, with a pack coming from their own range and a pack from their rejuvenated Testudo line.

As always, the real problem with this project will be rules, as it is with almost all of my projects.  That will be the next item on the agenda, as buying miniatures is easy...



  1. Hope you both feel better soon.
    Great project btw.

  2. El Grego, I'd suggest looking at the Neil Thomas Pike and Shot rules as a starting place - depending on how big you want the project to be. They are easily amended and adaptable to fit any preconceptions you have about the period. I find them a great place to start.

  3. TYW sounds like a capital idea! The Testudo figures are beautiful. I will follow this project with great interest. What is your background reading list to whet your appetite?

  4. Alan, thank you.

    Natholeon, that is an excellent idea; I'll look for those.

    Jon, I have a few books, which will be the subject of my next post!