16 April 2016

More books

In my previous post, I started to do the planning for yet another project, this time around it is the Thirty Years War.  I have a few books that are about the subject already on my bookshelves:

These two volumes were found at a local bookshop - Merryweather Books - some time ago.  Parker's work on the Spanish aspect of the period has a very good reputation, and Alatriste is Alatriste!

This edition of the popular Osprey MAA series also covers the Spanish aspect.  Seems like a pattern?

And that is where the book buying is, sadly, going to stop for now at least.  The overreaching theme that I am getting in my web searches is that the TYW is a very complicated subject, with very distinct periods within the framework.  More reading of basic materials is needed first before I set off to do some serious work.  At the moment, I am leaning towards either the earliest phase - the campaigns in Bohemia - or the last phase - France and Spain in the Low Countries.

In other news, the tester order has been placed with Khurasan for the first 15mm figures, just a few packs to start off, and should arrive by the end of April.  This is an important phase as well, as I have not painted 15mm figures for a long time, and my ability to get a decent (to my very self-critical eye) paint job on them is really going to help determine the potential for this project.  The choice of miniatures is important as well, as the Khurasan figure line is based largely on the early part of the conflict, while the Testudo figures seem to be later.



  1. I have not read any of these but thought Wedgewood was good. Despite the many criticisms of Guthrie, I enjoy thumbing through the two volume Battles of the Thirty Years War. Osprey has more titles covering TYW that may be useful as painting guides. Interesting project!

  2. Thanks, Jon. Wedgewood is on the list...