06 July 2007

A brief update...

The Tekumel project has stalled for now. I am undecided about what rules to use. With a little more digging, I am sure to find something suitable. Warmaster could be the one, but a slightly modified C&C:Ancients looks nice also. I am going to start priming the figures, however.

While the Tekumel project is in irons, my itch to get the Renaissance project is increasing. I am re-reading my copy of Taylor's book, and it has me wanting to reach for the mini catalogs. Soon, soon...

I have worked a bit more with the Empire troops; more pics are coming!

And the Tau are slowly acquiring more paint (with slowly being the key word).



  1. Gosh, it has been quite a while since I did any Ancients gaming . . . but one set of rules that you might like to take a look at is (surpisingly enough) . . .

    "Hordes of the Things" . . . yes, I know that it is a "fantasy set" . . . but it plays really well and, in its way, is "DBA fixed".

    And, of course, you only ever have to buy one small booklet for the rules and all army lists. In fact, page 53 of the rulebook has an Army list and variants for Tekumel.

    -- Jeff

    PS, it also doesn't require huge numbers of troops.

  2. HoTT is on my list of rules to consider... I might make it Big Battle HoTT; I do want quite a few minis on the board!