08 July 2007

Empire standard bearer, part 1

The General box set comes with enough parts to make a standard bearer, along with a general. But, I do not like the 'Grim Reaper' standard that seems to be the norm, so I thought that I would tinker with the standard bearer a little more than I did with the general.

Here are the parts I chose:

I chose the lance because it was the only other complete right arm available from the box. So, I carefully cut the lance off the hand.

One thing that I have noticed, in my own conversions and in others, is that when new stuff is placed in hands, the parts often do not line up from one side of the grip to the other. I wanted to avoid this, so I decided to drill a hole completely through the hand to pin both halves of the staff together. I would not dream of doing this on a metal figure, but the plastic is easy to work with:

Add a bit of brass rod:

And the brass tubing will fit perfectly, and should be straight!


1 comment:

  1. Nice detailed photos . . . I look forward to seeing the rest of what you do with it.

    -- Jeff