15 July 2007

Empire mortar, part 1

My grandson visited me yesterday, and I recruited him to help me with my Empire gun and crew. I had previously built the mortar:

so my grandson selected the parts and supervised the assembly of the crew.

Here is the result:

The crewman on the left in the pic is supposed to be shouting, but after the assembly was done he looks more like he has an anguished look to his face. Perhaps he is arguing with the gent on the right, while the third crewman rolls his eyes skyward...



  1. Getting your nephew involved was a good idea . . . we all need to do what we can to address the "graying of the hobby" syndrome.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice blog and nice work . always nice to see what others are up to.
    Thanks for visiting mine and giing some hints on photos.
    Look forward to seeing more

  3. I've always liked the Empire mortar. It's a nice piece without all the "fussy" bits that GW normally insist on putting on. The League of Augsberg lads had a couple in thier Great Northern War Game at Partizan this year - apinted as russian siege pieces. very nice they looked too.

  4. How do the crew figures stack up against other 25mm figures (I'm thinking of the Foundry Landschnecks)? Are they "herioc" GW figures? They look really nice sculpts.


  5. Thanks for the comments, gents.

    Giles, I will try to take a pic this week-end. The gun crew are all about 33mm from sole of foot to top of head.