04 July 2007

Empire general, part 1

I have finally started to work on that Empire army box, starting with the general.

This box actually has enough parts for a general and a captain/standard bearer, one of which is mounted. There are, of course, numerous choices for weapons and other 'bitz' included in the box.

Weapon choices include: sword, lance, mace, two-handed hammer, and a pistol.

Some of the 'bitz' are a bit strange. The standard seems to be the Grim Reaper with wings and a hammer; I suppose this fits in with the Empire background though. And, on the sprue on the right in the pic, is some sort of mechanical cherub carrying a banner and wearing a skull mask!

The horse has some nice detail:

The barding has a lot of detail, fitting in with the Empire background. On top of the horse's head, though, is another skeleton with a hammer. This is going to be removed, and with the mini being plastic, it will be an easy conversion.



  1. I do like the Warhammer stuff - I just wish that they didn't have this fetish over skulls and skeletons - they appear everywhere and spoil some very nice items.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Paul's thoughts on skulls, etc.

    I actually have a mostly painted WH Empire Army packed away in boxes. I bought most of it by carefully watching ebay for bargins . . . saved a ton of money over what it would have cost in the store.

    Of course, since it was "Evil Empire" stuff it was still overly expensive. This is one reason that I prefer historicals . . . but I will agree that they have some nice sculpting -- but enough with the skulls, etc.

    -- Jeff