22 July 2007

Small stumbling blocks...

I seem to running up to some obstacles in my gaming projects.

The first one was paint. I posted a note on the Tekumel Minis Yahoo group about the shade of blue to use on my Tsolyani troops, and they were nice enough to recommend a different shade (darker) than the one I had picked. Encouraged with this information, the wife and I stopped by the nearest Michael's craft store to purchase some. Of all the colors of Delta Ceramcoat available, the one I wanted was out of stock! Feawin suggested grabbing the nearest color lighter in shade and then applying a glazing coat to darken it. She found a bottle of transparent Phthalo Blue which should stain the lighter blue ('Mediterranean' Blue from Delta) into what I want. I will experiment with this soon.

The second obstacle is one that has plagued me for quite some time. I have yet to choose a rule set for my Tekumel fantasy forces. I would like to use multiple-figure basing, but it is not a requirement. It needs to support multi-player scenarios, be reasonably quick playing, and use as few markers on the table as necessary (none would be preferable). I prefer multi-base units. The magic system would need to be simple yet devastating when used.

I also need a rule set for the Renaissance project. I might just fall back on Warhammer ancients for this.



  1. Again I'll suggest "Hordes of the Things". They even have an army list (with options) for Tekumel troops. It is fast and fun.

    Each army has 24 points worth of troops. Most "normal" troop types cost 2 points per stand (typically 3 or 4 figures per stand); but there are both more expensive troop types and cheaper ones.

    It should be all you need.

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks again Jeff, HoTT is on my short-list of games to purchase. I imagine that I will combine a number of games together to get one I like.