11 August 2007


The snail's pace continues, but I do have some news. I think that I have found the perfect paint for the typical Tekumel inhabitant's skin color.

So far as the 'canonical' data on Tekumel are concerned, there are no humans of the Caucasian persuasion on the planet. All of the human occupants are descended from Latin America/India/Middle East stock. So, all of the 'flesh' tones in my paint kit are useless...

But I think that I found the right color: Idrian Flesh from P3.

Of course, there will be variations to this tone, but it should be the right tint to use as a base for all of the humans on Tekumel.

I am going to splurge on hobby paint for the skin. Other colors that I will use will be the economy-priced craft paints, but I really think that the smoothness of hobby paint will be better for skin. Metallics fall into this category as well.


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