27 August 2007

More stuff

My youngest son has started to get into painting now, and he has some skill:

Of course, he seems to like the 'piles of skulls' motif from GW!

Feawin and I are back-pedalling a bit -- we visited one of my favorite game stores - Merlyns - during a brief visit to family last week-end, and we ended up buying some more Reaper Warlord minis, Reptus for me and Elves for her. She prefers the sculpting of the Reaper minis to the Thunderbolt Mountain minis. Now, we might not actually use the Warlord rules...



  1. Those paint jobs look quite good. Congratulations to your son.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  2. I can't get my son to sit and paint anything. I've tried and he just doesn't seem to have the patience to sit and paint a batch of figures. I tried teaching him to do three or four at a time but even that didn't work.

    So I congratulate your son for the talent and desire.