18 August 2007

Projects update

Although it seems glacial, I am actually making progress. Here is the line-up:

1. Tau for 40K: Purchases complete, slowly painting the pile I have. The bodyguard for my commander should be done soonish.

2. Empire for WFB: Just beginning, a small handful of figures assembled/primed, with many more still on the sprue.

3. Tekumel: More pieces are coming together. I recently purchased some proper skin-tone paints, and another package, with a copy of the 6 out-of-print army guide books, is waiting for me at the local post office. The books have painting guides, stats, and 'historical' info on units, which will make this project gain more impetus.

4. The historical project: This is the one that is floundering somewhat. The more I work on other projects, the less I want to keep pursuing the 28mm Renaissance project. Part of this reluctance is also due to the resurgence of the desire to once again pursue naval gaming. The flavor of naval gaming is yet to be determined, but I am finding that anything after WW1 is less and less appealing.

5. MMORPG: Originally, when this blog was first conceived, it was to be a collaboration between my wife and I - Pewter (my side) and Pixel - (her side). That did not come out very well, especially since she is pursuing other on-line options, including maybe even her own blog. So, I might start including some screen shots and commentary from our adventures in EQ2 in the near future.



  1. Hi,

    If you've never taken a good look at it, look over the ships between the ACW and the turn of the century.

    These are slightly earlier than what is usually meant by "pre-Dreadnaught", but it is an interesting period (particularly the 1880s and 1890s). Most ships were really one-of-a-kinds.

    -- Jeff

  2. That is exactly my line of thought also. And, it would match up with the Aeronef minis that I sometimes dream about...