12 August 2007

Priming progress

Even with the EPG troops primed, there was still more work to be done. I left their shields off in order to make painting the figure easier, but it does not make painting the shield any easier, since they tend to be small and move around some when you try to hold them while painting. So, I used the same solution with the shields as I used with the troops:

The box is an old drill bit container. Long ago I broke the plastic cover, but kept the rest, as any good scavenging minis gamer would. A little dab of white glue to the nail holds the shield in place. The back of the shield will be a single color, and easy to do once the front is done and the shield released from the nail.

I also primed the few Empire miniatures that I have built so far:

The gesso primer does not seem to adhere to the GW plastic as well as it does to the pewter. You can see where the gesso coat gets splotchy, especially on the mortar. I do not believe that it will affect the paint though.

When the flesh paints get here, I should make some real progress on my EPG troops, and just in time: Eureka is set to release the first batch of Tsolyani enemies: the Yan Kor, in September!


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