27 August 2007

Tekumel skin colors

One of the big differences in painting Tekumel minis from your average fantasy minis is the skin color. The residents of Tekumel are not Caucasian, so your typical 'flesh' paints will not be suitable. After a little bit of searching, I found some paints that are more appropriate for the task:

From the left ---

P3 Idrian Flesh
Reaper Master Series Tanned Shadow
Reaper Master Series Tanned Flesh
Reaper Master Series Tanned Highlight
Reaper Pro Series Ruddy Flesh
Vallejo Model Color Flat Flesh
Reaper Pro Series Caucasian

The Idrian Flesh might be just a bit dark, and the Tanned Highlight is too light in my view. Normally I do not like to mix colors, but in this case it should work, especially since there will be only small amounts that would need to be mixed, and everybody has slightly different skin. Tanned Shadow should make a good base color.

(Note: The Vallejo color came out of the bottle very chunky - obviously I did not shake it enough!)


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