06 September 2007

Another purchase

I received another addition to my Tekumel minis pile on Tuesday... archers! I will post some pics of the troops soon. The command figures are the same as for the spearmen, and there are 3 different archer poses. In addition, I received 4 more Ever-Present Glory spearmen, 1 extra Legion of Serqu spearman, and General Kettukal. The extra spearmen are to complete each unit. The unit sets from Eureka include 2 officers, in a set of 24. I do not intent to have both officers in each unit, hence the replacement spearman. The 4 extra EPG spearmen are for the rear rank, replacing 3 spearmen (and 1 officer) with leveled spears.

I ordered these minis from Eureka Miniatures USA, and received excellent service. The order was placed Friday night, and arrived Tuesday. Highest recommendations! Thank you, Rob!

And, if you look carefully on that website, you will see that their shopping cart is prepped for the next release of Tekumel miniatures from Eureka - the first set of Yan Kor miniatures is soon to appear.


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