23 September 2007

Empire mortar, part 2

After yesterday's moaning session, I sat down and actually DID something. The Empire mortar crew was first on my list:

These are being painted to a slightly modified 'Nordland' scheme out of the Empire army book. I still have some work to do yet, but they are coming along nicely - in fact I'm a bit surprised that they look decent!

Paint list: Reaper Pro Paint Breonne Blue (shirt), Reaper Pro Paint Buckskin (trousers), Reaper Hill Giant Brown (vest and cap). The vest, cap, and trousers have a thin wash of Reaper Pro Paint Wood Stain Ink. I like the way the ink has darkened the cap and vest, and they are in their final colors. The trousers will receive another layer of Buckskin for more contrast. The blue sections are not done yet; the Breonne Blue did not spread well over the gesso primer and will need a second coat.

There's nothing like some time at the painting table to chase away the blues!



  1. One of the projects I must get back to is finishing up my Empire army (in red and yellow).

    And, in general, I like the GW plastics better than their metal figs.

    -- Jeff

  2. They're looking good so far. Sometimes you need to get the griping out of the way before you can make progress.

    I agree that the amount of stuff out there to choose from can be overwhelming at times, especially when there's already a pile of unpainted lead at home.

    And lack of regular gaming partners with shared interests is also quite frustrating.

    I haven't logged on to WoW for a while now, as school, work, and other projects keep getting in the way. Good luck with your new characters. I'm highly partial to the Death Flayer Scorpid (a level 11 rare mob in Durotar) as a Hunter pet myself. As a strictly Alliance Dwarf player it's quite a run from Ironforge to Durotar at level 11 to tame him.

  3. Heheh, Deathflayer was the first permanent pet for my original WoW chr (night elf). Kept him around until I found an elite agam'ar in Razorfen Kraul.


  4. I like those a lot. I wonder how they rack up against Foundry's landschnecks (presumably the Perries sculpted these GW figures?), as they'd be perfect for 16th century stuff.