09 September 2007

More Tekumel pics

I briefly inspected some of my new acquisitions for my Tekumel project today. First is General Kettukal:

This is a two-piece mini; his weapon is a separate piece. This is another clean and sharp casting from Eureka.

I also received some Legion of Ever-Present Glory archers:

There are only two different minis for the archers. Unlike the Legion of Serqu offerings, and I believe the initial Yan Kor release, there is no specific female archer mini for the EPG. These minis are nice, but there is a problem with both of them. Notice how the diameter of the bow narrows where the archer is gripping it. That is a potential trouble spot for breakages. Also as shown by this pic:

The bow covers the area where the sword is hung from the belt. A minor problem to be sure, and since all of the archers have separate swords, I will have some extras for the bits box.

Along with taking pics, I actually did a little painting. I have started to dab on some paint:

Just baby steps I know, but it is progress! The darkest ones are Reaper Master Series Tanned Shadow, the lightest Reaper Master Series Tanned Skin, and a 1:1 mix of Tanned Shadow and Tanned Skin on the middle.


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