22 September 2007


I've been doing some thinking lately, and sometimes that is NOT a good thing.

There is such a selection of gaming products out there right now; it makes my head spin. But, while selection is nice, it can also be frustrating. It can be easy to be led astray onto a new project, and for a slow painter like myself a lack of focus is dangerous. Hardly a day goes by without another gaming idea popping into my brain. All of these ideas make me question the decisions I have already made for projects.

To add fuel to this fire is my lack of a gaming club. A good club can be a stabilising factor, at least in my opinion, especially if the group can pursue projects together. I have been planning, collecting, and painting both sides of any project for a long time, and that can be frustrating with my limited budget. Throw in the constant bombardment of alternate gaming ideas and chaos ensues.

To those of you out there in a gaming club - I salute you!

Fortunately for my projects, a lot of the indecision melts away when I pick up a brush. I have done some painting already this week-end, with the Reptus and the Empire mortar & crew getting some attention. Pics later...



  1. You're in the Seattle area, aren't you? Surely there are people in your area that game . . . try visiting some of the game stores near you . . . they often have bulletin boards.

    All you really need is one other guy to start your own mini-club. Getting together for a night of figure painting will result in ideas being exchanged and will help you focus on a period of mutual interest.

    All it takes is one other guy . . . and it will grow.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hello Jeff,

    Hmmm, maybe 'club' is not the word, since I belong to a club or two... what I miss is the close circle of gaming friends. Part of that is my fault through my self-imposed restriction on conventions. Or, I could just be whining/moaning a bit too loudly.

    Thanks for stopping by!