30 September 2007

Empire handgunners, part 1

I started to work on the next piece of the Empire force. The Empire army box came with two boxes of handgunners, with 10 minis in each box. What's in each box? Two sprues (frames?) of plastic parts:

Lots of pieces, although much of it is bits that are not required for the minis. Note that the box comes with enough weapons to field either 10 handgunners or 10 crossbowmen. Also included is a cute little 'powder monkey' (top left of close-up). The mini is actually a monkey dressed up in Empire regalia!

My plan is to modify some of the minis in slight ways, removing bits here (maybe some of the skulls) and adding bits there. I will also modify the standard in a similar fashion to the Army standard bearer so I can use paper flags.

Here is another pic of the handgunner's assembly in progress:

The legs and torso are one piece in this version (7th) of Warhammer minis. In the previous version the legs and torso were separate pieces. While this new approach takes away some of the individuality of each mini, it does make for quicker assembly.


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