17 July 2011

Tékumel naval, part 4

After some thought and research, I am dusting off this project and giving it another try.  A recent and sudden cash crunch here in my household is also making me go back to previously purchased minis instead of splashing out for more!

Of course, this project re-start could not be free of some minor drama... And the dilemma of the day involves rigging.  There are two styles - sails and masts up, or sails and masts removed.  For a great example of fully rigged ancient ships, take a look at Hetairoi's gallery.  Beautiful stuff!  And on the opposite tack, some great examples of un-rigged ancient ships can be found at one of the many Roman Seas galleries.

I am going with the un-rigged method, for a couple of reasons.  First, it will be quicker to get the ships fitted out for a game.  Second, from a historical viewpoint, oared warships, at least those of the Greeks and Romans, et al, went into combat with their masts and sails removed unless in extreme situations.  Third, the lack of masts might make the decks more visible, and I have some ideas for reconstructing the deckwork and adding shipboard artillery.

Of course, I decided this AFTER drilling holes for masts through the deck of my first warship!



  1. Good luck with those ships! ;)

  2. Thank you - I can't wait to see your ships with their new basing!