25 July 2011

Tékumel priests, part 2... and TGN!

Just a work in progress shot:

The priest of Hrü'ü (far left) is nearly done - the plume needs touch-up and the mask (my third try) needs something more.  The priest of Vimúhla (second from left) needs more red!  I think I went a little overboard with the blue on the shoulders... but he is not nearly done yet.  The reds will take some work to look good.  The priestesses of Dlamélish (second from right) and Avánthe (far right) are just starting to get some paint and are a long way from being completed.

And, I have been added to the Tabletop Gaming News TGN Blog Network!  Thank you Zac, and Hello to the TGN network!


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